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York STS Angled Cable CrossOver Machine

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York STS Angled Cable CrossOver Machine


The angled cable crossover machine is ideal for those looking for a versatile strength trainer designed to work the chest, back, shoulders, arms, and core muscles. It is exceptional for those looking to build a strong and well-defined upper body with a smaller footprint than the non-angled version.

  • Dual Cable System: The dual cable system allows for a wide range of exercises to be performed, including flys, pulldowns, rows, and more.
  • Adjustable Height: The machine allows you to adjust the height of the cables to accommodate different exercise positions and target specific muscle groups.
  • Angled Design: The angled design of the machine provides a more natural and effective movement for exercises, reducing the risk of injury and allowing for maximum muscle activation.
  • Padded Handles: The machine comes with padded handles for added comfort during use, reducing fatigue and allowing for longer workout sessions.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction: The angled cable crossover machine is built with heavy-duty construction, ensuring stability and durability during heavy weight loads.
  • Weight Stack: The machine features a weight stack, allowing you to adjust the resistance to your desired level, gradually increasing the weight as you build strength.
  • Its versatile design, adjustable height, and heavy-duty construction make it a great addition to any home or commercial gym.
  • Polished chrome adjustable cable column for maximum exercise variety and smooth pulley adjustment.
  • Featuring angled towers minimizing the footprint.
  • Pulleys swivel.
  • Pronated grip position chin-up bar.
  • 4200 pound tensile strength aircraft quality cable.
  • Two – 200 pound weight stacks standard.
      • SKU 54017 - White
      • SKU 55017 - Silver
      • 36" D x 100" W x 92" H, 976 lb
      • 92cm d x 254cm W x 224cm H, 443 kg


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